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Automated Lead screening, interview, qualifying and signing software - Yes the title says it all, wait no it doesnt. This same front end automation has an amazing backend case management software to is as well. The backend we belive out performs any other legal software in the industry "hands down" and that is not because we market it but because the case studies prove it. The client engagement that this software offers will take your customer service to an entire new level with a fraction of the work or cost.

Legal Lead Recycling Programs – Our Legal Intake call center can take any list and outbound dial it using your custom intake to monetize leads that otherwise would have been lost opportunities.

Legal Intake Services – Using buyers own marketing services or lead generation the prices range from $15.00-$50 per full intake which is not based on a per minute charge but rather what is a “defined completed intake” which is a 700seat full time legal intake center that offers inbound & outbound services.

Live Answering Services – Our Live Answering services is strictly dedicated to the legal industry only and offers state of the art back office including appointment scheduling and other tools that are very affordable to help any practice never miss an opportunity to engage with a client

Private Investigator Services – We offer the largest national network private investigator services in the legal practice industry at or below wholesale pricing as an alternative to electronic or esign retainer services.

Notary Services – We also offer the largest national network of licensed notary services as a cheaper alternative to the private investigator signing.

Option # 1 Real Time Web Posted Leads -Your firm receives the electronic lead in real time, but you have to make the outbound call to confirm all information. We have not spoken to the potential client, just verified electronically, the criteria has been met before delivery to your staff.

Option # 2 Live Transfer Intake Leads -We already have the client on the phone and have fully vetted and confirmed all criteria is met, which we next warm transfer introduce the client to your firm. At the same time, all of the clients information has been delivered "electronically" to your staff so it is a seamless transition. But, your staff will need to handle the signing of retainer + HIPPA forms.

Option # 3 Full Retainer + HIPPA Cases - This means we have done everything offered in package # 2 but also while on the phone we have the client sign "your firms" retainer + HIPPA documents and send securely as a retained case. This is a great option because it is all about time management, so your staff focuses on medical record retrieval upon receipt of each case we deliver., rather than attempting to reinvent what we are trained and qualified to do for your firm.

Option # 4 Custom Campaigns- We can create just about any type of campaign using any form or media channel to generate legal leads. We have strategic partnerships in TV, Radio, Internet, Social Media, Affiliate Networks, co-counsel, referral partners and more. Our system is one log in that API connects to everything a law firm needs in their day to day practice to not only scale their caseloads, but to do it without the added cost or additional staff requirements. We are able to do this through systemized and automated client engagement to connect to one person or ten thousand with one click which is the key to scaling a firm without failing in customer service

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