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How to get more referrals


Most lawyers rely on so-called word-of-mouth marketing. Essentially, this means they have no strategy or system for generating referrals in a way that leads to predictable income.

Lawyers who sense they need to “at least do something” usually adopt a pound-the-pavement approach—a tedious grind that involves going to lots of “networking events” in the hopes that somehow this will lead to new business.

Even if it does lead to new business, it’s a lot of work. And there’s no strategy. So any results that are obtained are paltry and sporadic.

What you want is a strategy that produces a great return on the investment of your time, energy and money.

What’s a good strategy look like? Well, it looks like this: you invest 20% of your time and energy (and very little money) and get 80% of the returns that are possible on that investment.

It’s even possible to set up a referral system that automatically allows you to multiply your best clients. But that’s advanced level stuff, and takes a bit more time to set up. So…

How just starting with the simple, easy approach that gets great results reasonably quickly and at very little cost? Here’s the process:

The Simple, Fast, Easy Approach user our one click set up social sharing features to let your clients generate you the refferals without any effort.



Imagine having just ONE CLIENT share a prewritten short social share that has 10,000 or 100,000 followers on FaceBook that they just used your law firm and had an AMAZING EXPERIENCE.

How to you think that would impact your law firms referrals? Hmmmm Lets see if you look at this on a bigger picture the referals are driven by the customer experience so when you use our software to engage with the clients

they ultimately get an experience like no other law firm can deliver unless they are using the very same software. Its easy and fun to watch your referrals grow with a single effort of setting up a simple social share that is automated with

each email that goes out for all dispositions even clients you cant help. It is that easy :)

Congratulations! You now have a simple, easy referral marketing system.

And this puts you in an elite category of less than 1% of the lawyers out there in Auto, Bankruptcy, Mass Tort, Personal Injury. SSDI, Workers Compensation areas of practice which is our core focus so let us help you grow your practice today!

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