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Have You Checked Out This Incredible Click To Connect Feature?



We are implementing a very advanced click to connect add on feature to any website which connects the user while they are still on your site 96% of the time.  Most importantly you never miss a call whether you are having them

connect directly to your staff or a legal intake center or even answering service. This easy to use website plug in is ahead of its time and is doing amazing things at a very affordable price which can be as low as just $1.50 per connection.

Imagine just missing one high value case because you DONT have the latest tools built into your site to be able to capture and connect potential claimants within SECONDS and what an impression that gives your potential clients regardless

of who answers the phone it is the SPEED that everyone is looking for in a " I want it now world" so if your firm is looking for an easy to add and inexpensive service that is showing amazing results, than inquire about how we can help you

addd this service to your site or sites today.


Give us a call at 800-399-9895 to discuss the possibilites this service can deliver for both new client aquisitons as well as back end customer service!!


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